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Welcome to the World’s First Summit
on the Topic of Sugar and Sugar Addiction!

For the past 5 years, we have teamed up with world experts to bring you the science and strategies you need to break up with sugar (in all its forms) and fall in love with and embrace the healing powers of whole foods.


Because our runaway consumption of refined carbohydrates is directly linked to our rising rates of diabetes and obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease, cataracts and cancer, depression and dementia, not to mention anxiety and autoimmune diseases. The list goes on.

And what is worse, these lifestyle diseases are striking us down at younger and younger ages. They are now affecting our children.

The truth is there is no superfood, supplement, medical intervention, or pharmaceutical
that can undo sugar’s damage. The solution to the problems caused by sugar
is to stop eating it. Could anything be more clear?

The right time to kick sugar is now. We will help you.

Our Digital Speaker Package

Watch full-length interviews in the comfort of your home on any device.

Plus $700 in bonuses!


Our speakers are doctors, scientists, authors, experts, celebrities and coaches.

They are also Vegan, Paleo, Keto, Low Carb and everything in between!


Sneaky Sugar Foods

Susan Peirce Thompson PhD

The Science of Food Addiction

Chef AJ

From Obese Sugar Addict to Weight Loss Expert

Joan Ifland, PhD, MBA, FACN

Processed Food Addiction Breakthroughs

Dr. Vera Tarman

Food Addiction Recovery

Bitten Jonsson

What is Sugar Addiction?

Gary Taubes

How Much Sugar is Safe to Eat?

Robert Cywes MD, PhD

Bariatric Surgeon – Carb Addiction is Real

Dr. Guillermo Rodriguez-Navarrete

Strategies to Kick Sugar Easily

Lauren Weiss PhD, CNS-S, CKNS

Use Keto to Kick Sugar

Sherry Strong

Open Heart Eating as a Path to Sugar Addiction Recovery

Dr. Josh Turknett

Sugar and Migraines

Brian Lenzkes, MD

Doc Shares Stories of Taking Patients Off Medications by Cutting Refined Carbs

Joel Fuhrman MD

Breaking Addiction to Sugar, Salt and Oil

Dr. Eric Westman

Clinical Experience with  Reversing Diabetes and Obesity

Dr. Gary Fettke

When Did We Become Dependent on Carbs?

Dr. Bret Scher, MD

Cardiologist Reveals the Sugar Heart Disease Connection

Dr. Daryl Gioffre

7 Steps to Kick Sugar and Never Go Back

Prof. Timothy D. Noakes, OMS

Why We Are Overweight and The Solution

Ocean Robbins

The Food Revolution That Will Change Your Life

Dave Feldman

Cholesterol and Low Carb: What You Need to Know

Robby Barbaro, MPH

High-Carbohydrate Foods Proven to Reverse Insulin Resistance & Type 2 Diabetes

Jeff Kotterman

How to Live Sugar Free Successfully for Life

Dr. Nadia Pateguana, ND

Sugar and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Georgia Ede MD

Sugar and Psychiatric Disorders

Dr. Keesha Ewers

Sugar and Autoimmune Disease

Gin Stephens

Intermittent Fasting Queen Tells All!

Megan Ramos

Intermittent Fasting to Reverse Insulin Resistence

Craig Emmerich

The Carnivore Diet Explained

Wendy Myers, FDN-P, NC, CHHC

How Toxins Can Create Sugar Cravings and Block Weight Loss

Dr. Cali Estes

From Sugar Junkie to Celebrity Sugar Coach

Keith Runyan, MD

Normalize Blood Sugars with Sugar-Free Ketogenic Diet and Exercise for Type 1 Diabetes

Maria Emmerich

Is Keto Good For The Whole Family?

Belinda Fettke

How Big Business Pushes Sugar by Influencing Dietary Guidelines

Dr. Nasha Winters

Sugar and Cancer – What You Need to Know

Christopher Palmer MD

The Connection Between Mental Health and Processed Foods

Dorian Greenow

Giving back to the Ketogenic Community

Doug Reynolds

Reverse Metabolic Disease through Carb Restriction

Dr. Ben Bocchicchio

Strong, healthy, fit for life, the Dr. Ben way

If you have tried everything to get off sugar and still can’t get free,
you have come to the right place.

Our World Experts Have Appeared On




Kendyl Morris

From Anxiety to Awakening

Rachel Tucci

Weight Loss Success Story

Cam Salois

Cam Gets Fit – 300 lb. Weight Loss

Charmaine Platon

Why I Kicked Sugar and How I Did it

Zippi Livneh

I Kicked Sugar!

Cathy Swensen

Sugar Free and Deeply Grateful

Dan Dyer

Losing Weight Without Hunger

Teresa George

Weight Loss Success Story

Wanauma Graham

My Sugar Addiction Recovery Journey: 7 Years Free

Barbara Shipley

Kicking Sugar With Florence and Aimee!

Pastor Dale Duvall

Honoring God With My Health

Christy Carreño

Real Food, Real Happy

Pastor Mark Farley

He Could Not Stop Eating Sugar and Carbs

Kick Sugar Summit Digital Package

Even though the live event is over you can still watch these interviews from the comfort of your own home. 

    • 42 Inspiring Interviews with World Experts in Sugar and Sugar Addiction Recovery ($97.00 value)
    • 24/7 Lifetime Access watch anytime, as often as you like! 
    • ​12 Bonus Weight Loss and Sugar-Free Success Stories Interviews ($47.00 value) 
    • The War of the Hunger Hormones video with cheat-sheet, by Dr. Vera Tarman ($11 value)
    • 10 Tips to Detox Like a Pro eBook by Wendy Myers ($27 value)
    • ​2-Week Sugar Reset Planner & Food List by Charmaine Platon ($37 value)
    • Quiz – Are You A Sugar Burner Or A Fat Burner? By JJ Virgin ($27 value)
    • 14-Day Food Freedom Challenge by Susan Peirce Thompson ($29 value)
    • Illustrated Guide to Refined Carbohydrates and Insulin Resistance by Georgia Ede ($37 value)
    • 14-Day Free Trial in Fabulous Over Forty Group by Chef AJ (Free)
    • Online Keto & Carnivore eBooks with Maria and Craig Emmerich ($25 & $14.99 value)
    • 6-Week Nutritarian Quickstart by Dr. Joel Fuhrman ($17 value) 
    • Food for Health Masterclass with Ocean Robbins (Priceless)
    • Top 10 Terrain Quiz & Metabolic Flexibility ebook with Dr. Nasha Winters ($47)
    • Florence’s Break Up Letter with Sugar and Guided Exercise ($47.00 value) 
    • 21-Day QuickStart 21 Days of emails with daily ideas, tools, and support to boost vitality by Dr. Keesha Ewers ($97 value)
    • What Not to Eat video by Dr. Joan Ifland (Priceless).
    • Aimee’s Favorite Family Recipes for breakfast, dinner, snacks and desserts all without refined sugar. ($10 value)
    • Power Cookie Recipe Paleo, Keto packed with protein, these cookies will satiate any sugar craving! Great replacement for processed protein bars by Kendyl Morris. (Priceless)
    • Sweet Freedom 21 Day Challenge with Sherry Strong ($27)
    • Ultimate Sugar Detox Guide with Dr. Daryl Gioffre ($97)
    • 4 Week Membership in “The Fasting Method” Program with Dr. Fung and Megan Ramos ($40)

    Value Over $700 !
    Only $97


    In this time of diet wars, it can be painfully confusing to know what to eat for optimum health. Fortunately, there is a common thread. Our Vegan, Paleo and Keto Experts agree: eliminating processed and refined carbohydrates from our diet is necessary for any whole food meal plan to work. 

    It is not just what we are eating that moves the needle and creates the miracle, it is what we are NOT eating. Spinach is awesome and blueberries are too. But they cannot undo the damage sugar does. The only solution to the problems caused by sugar is to stop eating sugar.  It’s really that simple.

    Step One: Break up with sugar in all its nefarious forms.
    Step Two: Eat Whole Foods. Which whole foods? You decide.

    Do you keep going off the deep end with cookies and ice cream, donuts and Doritos, Kitkats and candy, french fries and fudge… despite the adverse consequences, despite knowing better? 

    Yes, we understand!

    Our insatiable appetite for processed and packaged foods is not a personal failure. It is a food culture malfunction.


    Not only will our doctors and scientists, authors and experts share the information and inspiration you need to kick sugar, but when you register for this event, you will get connected to an amazing community. Join our Kick Sugar Summit Facebook page to connect with fellow sugar-freedom seekers from all over the world. Share your favorite speakers and aha moments. It’s so much fun! You will also get to connect with Florence and Aimee and ask questions anytime.

    Food corporations are getting richer. We are getting sicker.
    How do you feel about that?


    If you add up what you spend on fast food, junk food, sugary beverages, and medications to deal with the health consequences of eating refined carbohydrates, how much would that be on an annual basis? $5,000? $10,000? How much money are you not making because you are too tired, depressed, overweight, lacking in confidence, or stuck in negative thinking to share your genius and shine your light?

    Don’t let processed foods impact your financial well being and steal your self-respect. They are by design addictive, but you don’t have to be a statistic. 

    The most expensive calories are the ones that cause disease.” Ocean Robbins

    Join The Kick Sugar Revolution!

    Watch full-length interviews in the comfort of your home on any device.

    Own Them Forever!


    Not everyone is addicted to sugar, but we are all eating too much.

    If you have a health condition (of any kind), sugar needs to go.

    If you want to stop cravings, you need to stop eating the foods that trigger them.

    Life on the other side of sugar is so much better.

    Sugar is anything that turns to sugar quickly in the body, including alcohol

    You cannot crush Keto or be vibrantly Vegan if you continue to eat processed junk foods.

    Our insatiable appetite for processed and packaged foods is not a personal failure. It is a food culture malfunction.

    There is no one-size-fits-all diet.

    There is no medicine that can save us from the damage sugar does.

    We will not reverse our rising rates of lifestyle diseases until we reverse our consumption of refined carbs.

    There are lots of right ways to kick sugar. Find one that works for you.

    Sugar detox sucks. Do it anyway.

    One day you will wake up and say “I am sugar free and deeply grateful”

    Getting sugar free and staying sugar free is easier than you think. It starts in the mind.

    Sugar will be the most important topic in the field of nutrition in this century.

    Sugar related diseases are threatening to bankrupt not just individuals and families but entire countries.

    You will not miss sugar once you are free.

    Sugar is robbing our children of happy, healthy childhoods.

    You will never feel ready to kick sugar. Do it anyway.

    You deserve to be a whole food man and a whole food woman. 

    Your Hosts

    Florence Christophers, B.A., M.Phil., Certified Health Coach

    Florence is a former sugar addict (words she never thought she would say). After 20+ years of trying everything, Florence was introduced to a technique that comes out of the drug and alcohol recovery field that ended her addiction quickly, easily, and permanently. Today, Florence is on a mission to help others eliminate their runaway consumption of refined carbohydrates quicker and easier than she did. And to reduce the rise of sugar-related lifestyle diseases that cause unspeakable suffering. Florence offers private coaching, online courses, and live events. For more information, visit

    Aimee Anderson, Certified Health Coach

    Aimee was a celebrity baker on TLC’s Next Great Baker Season 4 prior to attending the Kick Sugar Summit in 2017. Her desire to kick sugar has been brewing for years and finally took hold after participating in Barry Friedman’s 30 Days Sugar Free program, followed by Florence’s 3 Weeks to Sugar Freedom course.

    Aimee is now 100% sugar and flour free for 3 years and is 50 pounds lighter. This inspired her to close her baking business to become a Certified Health and Life Coach. Aimee served as Head Coach for 30 Days Sugar Free from 2018 to 2019 and is now part of the Kick Sugar Summit team. She offers 1-on-1 coaching, group coaching, and has hosted sugar-free tea parties and cooking classes. Aimee likes to joke that she has gone from being a Sugar Dealer to a Sugar Healer. She declares herself to be SFFL – Sugar Free For Life.

    KSS Mission Statement

    The Kick Sugar Summit’s mission is to help individuals around the world reduce or eliminate their consumption of refined carbohydrates. We believe it is our most pressing public health priority. It is Job #1!

    If anything is going to reverse the rising rates of lifestyle diseases that threaten to bankrupt not just individuals and families but entire countries, it is this.

    The KSS team and its partners are here to show you the way forward. We hope the science and strategies, the information and the inspiration shared on our event will become your path to freedom. It is totally possible!

    Tens of thousands of us have found our freedom from sugar’s deadly and addictive grip.
    You can too. 

    CONTACT US: | All Rights Reserved.

    The contents of this website/e-mail are for informational and inspirational purposes only. They are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It is your responsibility to work with a health care practitioner familiar with your specific medical needs. 

    Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider before, during and after making lifestyle changes. They can affect your prescriptions and symptoms. 

    We do not advocate any particular way of eating beyond the importance of eliminating processed foods. You get to decide what whole food meal plan works for you. 

    Kick Sugar Summit Digital Speakers Packages Refund Policy

    You have 7 days to decide if our speakers package is the right purchase for you. After 7 days, no refunds will be issued.