Bitten Jonsson
What is Sugar Addiction?
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Bitten Jonsson is a Reg. Nurse Addiction Specialist, SUGAR/ADDIS-Certified, a forerunner in this field in Sweden and international lecturer and has been on TV and Radio in Sweden, Norway and Finland numerous times.

Bitten has written 3 books about sugaraddiction. “Sockerbomben I din hjärna ” (The Sugarbomb in your brain ) her first book, was published 2004 and revised 2010 and 2016 .The Sugar Free Cookbook, published 2006, and updated 2018. She has also further developed SUGAR ,the evaluation instrument for sugar/food addiction and is on Board of Directors for FAI, USA Food Addiction Institute.

Since 2012, she has been training the next generation SugarAddiction Counsellors.

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