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Kendyl Morris

From Anxiety to Awakening

Rachel Tucci

Weight Loss Success Story

Charmaine Platon

Why I Kicked Sugar and How I Did it

Zippi Livneh, RN

I Kicked Sugar!

Cathy Swensen

Sugar Free and Deeply Grateful

Dan Dyer

Losing Weight Without Hunger

Pastor Dale Duvall

Honoring God With My Health

Teresa George

Weight Loss Success Story

Barbara Shipley

Kicking Sugar With Florence and Aimee!

Pastor Mark Farley

He Could Not Stop Eating Sugar and Carbs

Kendyl found her path into coaching through her own struggle with chronic anxiety and depression. She now teaches her clients the tools that helped her heal naturally, combining the science of Functional Medicine with the wisdom of Ayurveda and subconscious rewiring. As a Certified Integrative Medicine Health Coach and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, she feels it is her mission to empower people to heal themselves by getting to the root cause. She works with individuals and groups, as well as couples wanting to balance mind, body, and spirit prior to conception to prevent passing down their imbalances to the next generation.

My journey started seven years ago when I was 320 pounds, stressed out, and having anxiety over my weight. A friend suggested that I start out by just drinking water (cutting out sugar beverages) and eating smaller amounts and sure enough, I started to lose some weight. I tried other diets for several years without exercise and the process was slow. As time progressed I decided to cut more from my meals like excess carbs and sugars and that helped. I had to learn to listen to my body. I discovered that I couldn’t cut out healthy carbs and had to eat more protein. Once I discovered what my body really needed, my weight loss continued and I was able to maintain the loss of 130 pounds! I’ve started strengthening my body recently and I feel so much better and stronger. I am confident that my last 30 pounds will come off and stay off for life. I know how to eat now and I know how to work in partnership with my body. It is nothing short of amazing.

Charmaine Platon, RN, is a Sugar Craving Coach, Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach, and a Registered Nurse at UCLA. She is the creator of "Sugar-Free Self-Care," and is an expert at managing food cravings. Charmaine teaches people how to eat consciously and intuitively so they can finally reclaim power over their food and their weight. Years ago, Charmaine was borderline pre-diabetic even though she was in the best physical shape of her life! She is now on a mission to prevent diabetes across the globe and teaches people everywhere how to manage their cravings without guilt, deprivation, or restriction.

Zippi Livneh, nurse and sugar addiction counselor, battled with her weight and obsessive eating until age 32, and then she learned her problem is an addiction to sugar. For 7 years Zippi has researched and trained with the leading food/sugar addiction specialists in the world, and in 2018 she joined The Food Addiction Institute. Zippi now works as a sugar addiction counselor and has developed the 'GPS System.' This is her passion and she lectures in universities, clinics and to the public on sugar addiction.

Cathy Swensen is a ‘mostly’ retired registered nurse. She still works part-time looking after diabetic children in grade schools and is a part-time instructor in nursing at the community college level. Cathy lives in beautiful Central Oregon. She enjoys quilting and outdoor activities with her family.

I'm a regular guy with a regular job.  After a lifetime of being overweight and overeating, I discovered LCHF in 2015 during a weight loss contest at work.  Since then I've lost about 100 pounds and gained health in many ways.  I feel better at age 32 than I felt at age 21.  The weight loss has been achieved with diet only.  I've maintained weight loss with diet and no intentional exercise, though I do walk more in my daily life than before, and I can keep up with friends on an occasional hike.

I am 48 years old and I live in San Diego, California. I'm a husband to my wonderful wife, Liz.  We have 3 children, Erika, Jordan and Amanda.  I am a Pastor at Calvary Chapel Imperial Beach.  The reason I state these things first is because they are a very important part of my life, and I realized that I had many reasons to make sure that I was healthy and capable of being here for them and for my calling at the church.

Back in July of 2018, I was diagnosed with a high A1C, and my doctor gave me a few months to make some dietary changes and for me to start exercising again.  I realized right away that between soda and fast food, I was literally killing myself.  So I prayed and started my day-by-day journey to being healthier and happier.  That's when I arranged for a support group of family and friends to be my companions along the way to both encourage me and hold me accountable.  I made better food choices, started drinking lots of water, and cut almost all sugar from my daily choices.

Today I am happy to say that after 18 months, I have successfully lost 52 pounds and dropped my A1C down from 6.4 to 5.2!  I feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and most importantly spiritually.  Now I try to encourage and walk along people who are also looking to make similar changes as I did. I'm so blessed to share this story.

I am Teresa and I have had a busy career all my life and found it easier to focus on my work rather than my weight, resulting in my reaching 220 lbs. at my heaviest.
At that weight, however, the line in the sand was drawn; I decided to do something about it. I applied the discipline of going gluten, sugar, dairy and caffeine-free in 2017, with light exercise at the beginning and increased it over time. Friends and family started to notice and that gave me the confidence to continue. I got to my lowest at 145 lbs.

I am a retired teacher and have had type 2 diabetes for 10 years. I have tried just about every diet under the sun to lose weight only to gain it all back plus more. I learned through Florence that as long as I was addicted to sugar, I would always fail when I tried to reintroduce sugar (no matter what kind) back into my food plan. Once I taste sugar, my brain lights up and I crave more and more. I also learned how carbs turn into sugar, so I am now a whole foods woman: no processed foods!

Recovering Alcoholic with 28 plus years of active sobriety. At 315 pounds and miserable, I found myself addicted to sugar over 2 years ago. I met Bitten and she helped me to understand my sugar addiction is just like my alcohol and drug addiction. I formed SCAA to help others recover from sugar addiction through working the 12 Steps in the AA Big Book. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop abusing sugar and bad carbs. I am an Ordained Pastor with and outreach church and a 501c3 nonprofit serving the homeless.