Dorian Greenow
Giving back to the Ketogenic Community

Hey there, Dorian Greenow would love for you to visit his website to learn more
about what he does. You can check it out here

2015-Dorian weighed 210 with nearly all metabolic syndrome markers. Within six months following the ketogenic diet, he lost 47 lbs, eliminating all medications. He wanted to give back.

Produced by only big pharmaceutical companies, Ketone testing was expensive and inaccessible. After extensive research, Dorian finally succeeded in creating an FDA approved meter and strips that were more accurate and affordable-Keto-Mojo was born.

Dorian has attended and spoken at numerous conferences globally. He and his wife Gemma founded The Ketogenic Foundation, a 501(c)(3)non-profit, which fosters Ketogenic Education, Medical Research, and Information Sharing for the benefit of improving the health of humankind.

I’m generously giving away two glucose monitors in a drawing for those who purchase the Speakers Packages.

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